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Which Comes First?

Aug 23, 08:55 PM

By Joe Z Mairura

Riches or Freedom?

What comes first?

It’s so obvious; isn’t it?

Is it?


Nope it ain’t

Try this one; ‘which do you want, to be rich or to be free’? You’re probably thinking “Joe that’s a daft question, I want both, It’s so bloody obvious isn’t it?”

Is it?

So why don’t so many of us including some very rich people have both? Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean one can’t have both. But to do that requires a high level of self-awareness
The two answers above reveal a very fundamental misconception held by about 95% of people about money riches and freedom. That one precedes the other; that riches mean freedom

Nope it ain’t so

Our societal conditioning over the years has meant most of us think- no; actually believe- that freedom and financial freedom at that is a point in time… this happens, then that happens, then I became financially free. In other words you have to be rich first in order to become free.

Once again, Wrong!

I’m a product of that conditioning too; and I have held these beliefs for a long time

As you will know from my previous few massages, I’m currently thinking into and reflecting on my own attitudes to money, riches and financial freedom

I have learned some hard lessons to date… some, quite sobering in fact

Here‘s one, “rich does not mean free”

So obvious, and yet has probably been the most important lesson of my sojourn into, money, riches, wealth and freedom so far.

Here is one I wasn’t prepared for at all. “How much money do you need to become financially free?” It took me completely by surprise

Do you have a figure?

I’ll let you stew over that one.

That’s why the opportunity to work directly with me on this is so essential to your personal and professional success.

Let’s talk

With my warmest regards


P.S. Since freedom is so obviously important to most of us. How many of us have a freedom plan.

Do you?

What’s you freedom plan?

Here’s that link again



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